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Seeing through a child’s eyes gives insight into entering the kingdom of heaven

Space Coast Area Transit Bus © D.P. Clarke
Space Coast Area Transit Bus © D.P. Clarke
Space Coast Area Transit Bus © D.P. Clarke

Three year old Zack was eager. He was about to take his first local Florida bus ride with his grandmother and her friend. The adventure started after grandma heard how excited Zack became whenever he saw a bus.

The first bus wasn’t theirs. Zack cried when it pulled off without him. Reassurances from grandma that another would come soothed his tears. Once on board, he stood on the seat with his face plastered to the window, looking out gleefully as the world zipped by. Much laughter ensued from the other riders when grandma’s friend fumbled with a cell phone trying to take Zack’s picture. They were all smiles after learning it was his first bus ride.

The trip involved transferring to another bus. As they waited, Zack chased a butterfly. When a light rain started, he let grandma know he wanted her to open her umbrella. Zack also asked to be picked up, and was given the bus transfers to hold. As a bus approached, grandma’s friend noticed Zack only held one of the passes. They looked around, but couldn’t find the missing one. Not until Zack brought his other hand from behind grandmas back. In it was the second transfer. When he’d separated the two had gone unnoticed by the women.

On the return trip, Zack was given coins to pay the fare. The bus driver grinned as Zack studiously handed them to him. Once they arrived back at the mall, everyone was ready for lunch. When asked what he would like, Zack said he wanted fruit. For some reason grandma didn’t get it. After eating a few chicken nuggets, Zack still insisted he wanted fruit. She went back. Once he had his fruit cup Zack generously offered some to both ladies.

When they were leaving, Zack ran ahead, but would stop after about 20 feet and look back at Grandma. Once at the exit, when he couldn’t reach the doors bar, he went over and pressed the automatic door release. How did this three year old know to do that?

Grandma’s friend was impressed with Zack’s behavior. He cried when he thought he’d missed the bus. He delighted in God’s creation. He knew to get out of the rain. He wanted to eat fruit, and then shared it. He didn’t run too far ahead of grandma. He figured out how to open those doors.

Can believers take some lessons from Zack’s first bus ride? For instance, should they be concerned about missing a heaven bound bus? Should they delight in His creation? Do they desire the fruit of the Spirit and want to share with others? Are they careful not to run ahead of their heavenly Father? And do they need to work out for themselves how to open the door? After all, Jesus did say unless one becomes as a little child, they cannot enter His kingdom.

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