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Seeing Minnesota: the North Shore through the eyes of a child


As the fog rolled across the lake, children could be heard laughing as they skipped rocks over the crystal clear water.  My oldest son shook me in anticipation, Dad! wake up, let's go.  As we stepped outside the cool north woods air filled our lungs.  Campfires crackled in the background as we enjoyed our breakfast of smoked whitefish and Yoo-hoo.  After our delicious meal it was time to explore the town.  What did Two Harbors, Minnesota, have in store for us today?

We packed up the children and drove into town.  Families paved the street enjoying the rustic stores and sidewalk art.  As we drove down the road filled with color and sounds we saw a little white house with an inviting little sign.  “Homemade Maple Syrup” is all it said.  “We have to stop there”, my wife said with a smile.  As we stopped my sophisticated pallet began to tingle in anticipation of the simple sugary treat.

We walk in the door only to be greeted by the kindest smile and warmest hello I’ve ever encountered.  My boy’s hearts began to race as they took in the mouth-watering surroundings.  Caramels, chocolates and my favorite, salt water taffy were all there in every flavor imaginable.  Like children my wife and I joined in the wonderment.  After 20 minutes of intense deliberation, we all finalized our personalized selection of sweets along with a bottle of the most beautiful amber syrup.  We walked back into the street and decided to continue on foot down to the harbor.  Seagulls played in the sunshine as we found our spot along the shore.  Rusting barges from days past provided the scenery as we sat and enjoyed each other’s company.  What an amazing time we spent as a family, laughing and sharing our treats with one another along Lake Superior.  Part 2