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Seeing Minnesota: horror in the hills of South Dakota part 1


Mountain lake
by Kevin Broas

Our 2003 Jeep Liberty struggled over the final summit as the landscape opened up into a peaceful valley. Mountain creeks and gentle pastures flowed past our car windows like currents of beauty. We were here, Hill City, South Dakota. “Dad! Look over there, Panning for gold”, my son said with his nose pressed up against the window. Hill City is a old gold town and its history lives on to this day.

Old mills and abandoned claims stood in the shadows of gift shops and family restaurants. We slowly dove down Main Street soaking in the pleasant surroundings. “Turn here!”, my wife said while grabbing my arm, “This is the street we need”. Like an over feed housedog, I lumbered through the intersection unable to make the turn. “I can’t make that turn with the camper behind us”, I said in annoyance,” I could break something”. So we went down the block and found our way back to the street we needed.  part 2