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Life's Scenic Magic & Beauty
Life's Scenic Magic & Beauty
2009-2013 copyright iMajik / Nik Catalina /

As Planet Earth nears transition to a New Year and another journey around the Sun... it will also present us with the challenge of an endless array of visual scenes for avid Photographers to capture and share for all who appreciate Life and it's myriad wonders. My personal perception of this magic is like that of a cosmic kaleidoscope of never-ending change, orchestrated by an invisible power with awesome, unlimited imagination to manifest itself into material form(s). We may capture these images for a time... perhaps a very long time however, as is the nature of all things material, they will eventually fade away into the oblivion of the great unknown. In this regard, I urge and suggest a wider and deeper understanding and appreciation for the art form of Photography to be acknowledged and embraced.

I recently had the opportunity and privilege to visit the Northeastern USA during peak Autumn color and was rewarded with scenes of awesomeness that defy description and mere photographs cannot convey. Still, we Photographers / Artists cannot resist our efforts to arrest these momentary. fleeting visions and transpose them into frozen fractions of the spectacular reality our eyes behold.

While no camera can match the miraculous ability of the Human eye, we are able to produce impressive semblances of what we see and thereby create a vicarious experience for audiences of our work.

In the spirit of the coming New Year ... I share with you a few of my humble efforts at capturing some of the scenic splendor I have witnessed over the past year and hope they will enlighten and inspire the deeper appreciation for Life's beauty and magic I refer to in this article. There is already too much darkness and despair in the world ... yet amidst it all remains this beauty and wonder I for one choose to focus upon and share with other like-minded individuals as we ride the great planet Earth along our journeys of Life.

As always, wish you all things good and a Happy New Year,


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