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Seedless at The Tiki Bar on 11 July 2014

The last time I saw Seedless, the show was at The Observatory. That show was pretty well attended, so it came as a bit of a surprise when I saw that the band would be at The Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa. The good news is that I got to see the band in an intimate venue. The downside - and it was really the only downside - was that The Tiki Bar got a little bit warm. Not that anybody there was complaining.

Arise Roots
Arise Roots
Gary Schwind

Arise Roots took the stage and absolutely treated the audience to a set of lively reggae. It seemed to have a pretty good following of fans that sang and danced along with the music - including two very lively women right by the stage that danced with each other. Matt Liufau of Seedless joined the band onstage for the last song of the set. It was a great song called "Dangerous" and you can find it on the bands upcoming CD due out 5 August. This is the kind of song - about a woman who is dangerous - that might remind you of someone you know or have known.

The crowd seemed to get even bigger for The Simpkin Project, and it was pretty obvious that a lot of the crowd was already familiar with the band. Phil Simpkin (lead vocals, guitar) had no trouble getting the crowd to sing along with songs like "Beam of Light". In fact, the crowd was so into the vibes of The Simpkin Project that they demanded an encore after the band was ready to clear the stage to make way for Seedless.

By the time Seedless took the stage, The Tiki Bar felt like an oven. Lots of bodies packed the place, making it almost uncomfortably warm. That didn't stop anyone in the crowd from dancing in what limited space was available. Plus, everyone that was there can now say that they saw Seedless in an intimate venue. It was a night of great reggae and good vibes.