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Seedless and The Simpkin Project play The Tiki Bar

There is a lot to love about reggae. It is mellow music that is great for improving your mood. whenever you feel like you just want to relax and have a good time, reggae is always a good choice. Plus, if there is one genre that embodies summer, reggae is it. It's basically musical sunshine. You can get your own dose of musical sunshine with a great reggae show on Friday.

Seedless is a band that has the whole good-vibing reggae sound down. It's also a band that has done a great job of capturing the attention of fans - and not just in southern California where reggae bands abound. The band's album Twisted Roots ranked as one of the top 10 reggae albums of 2010 on iTunes. That's a pretty good achievement for an independent band like this one. Like other reggae bands, Seedless sings about love and having a good time. Also like other reggae bands, this band can sing about social issues like police brutality. In either case, you just may find yourself singing along.

Also on the bill is local band The Simpkin Project. If you've never had the pleasure of speaking with Phil Simpkin or keyboardist Shawn Taylor, rest assured they are two of the best guys you'll find. They are also two of the most knowledgeable you'll find when it comes to reggae. This is not a group of guys joining the wave of "reggae" bands. These guys know the history of the genre and incorporate a lot of traditional reggae sounds into the songs. They'll also have you singing along with their catchy tunes.

Get a good taste of summer with Arise Roots, Solution, The Simpkin Project, and Seedless at The Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa. Tickets for this show are $15.

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