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Seed Library of Los Angeles sows deep roots, Saturday is National Seed Sway Day

Saturday, Jan. 25 is National Seed Swap Day, where you can share packets of your extra seeds and trade them for something different that you'd like to grow.

David King of the SLOLA and at Green Fest
SLOLA and Mike Szymanski
Meetings are at the fourth Friday of the month in Encino

Local growing groups across the country are planning swap meets and training on how to grow the plants to maturity. The Seed Library of Los Angeles is probably the warmest and best place to start a garden with the cold weather across the country right now.

You can sign up for a Seed School on Feb. 9 to 14 at the San Fernando Valley Branch of SLOLA at the Sepulveda Garden Center at 16633 Magnolia Blvd, in Encino, 91436. Representatives of SLOLA were at the recent Los Angeles Green Festival.

The Seed Library of Los Angeles compiles a depository of seeds that grow well locally and the members of the group borrow and trade seeds to grow in their garden, and learn the proper seasons for their plants. It's a good way to learn what grows well locally without requiring too much water, especially since Los Angeles is in drought conditions right now and has a dearth of rainfall.

Seeds are free to members, and the membership is quite affordable. Lifetime membership is currently $10.

Founder of the local group, David King, explains that the group "offers lessons in seed-saving and gardening at each meeting, as well as in-depth classes throughout the year for gardeners of all skill levels."

The seeds they exchange are clean, wholesome and not genetically modified. They promote seeds for food, and discourage pesticides.

Check out details about the Seed School at

Learn more about the Seed Library at their Facebook page (CLICK HERE)

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