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See what one state is finally banning the use of welfare dollars on - guess!

Buying tattoos, jewelry  and lingerie with Welfare benefits now banned in Louisiana
Buying tattoos, jewelry and lingerie with Welfare benefits now banned in Louisiana
photo credit - Scanvine

Looking ghetto fabulous in New Orleans or Baton Rouge or any Louisiana city using welfare benefits is now longer possible according to Fox News. The welfare queens and kings who made it big on the street by being able to purchase jewelry, lingerie and even receive cool tattoos is now a thing of the past. The days of using the public dole to cash in on stylish nail salon, tattoo parlors by Louisiana welfare recipients will have legal consequences.

Many may have thought that the heydays of using welfare to pimp the public by cashing in big time had died out when President Clinton and the republican congress enacted welfare reform. Yet now with relaxed enforcement of welfare rules by Barack Obama where more welfare benefits have been vigorously encouraged fraud, waste and abuse was sure to follow.

In Louisiana state officials have apparently grown tired from investigations by the legislature as well as growing scrutiny on the use of federal funds and made the decision to slam the door on abuse. So on Thursday, the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services went into urgent mode and issued emergency regulations to squash the abusive practices, reported Fox News.

As is the case in most emergency hurry up orders, the move to get the welfare officials off of their can came to light when, WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge reported that "an Ascension Parish lingerie store posted a sign noting that it accepted the welfare benefits card along with most credit cards,” according to Fox News.

Those welfare recipients who are using the program the way it was intended to be used legally will not be impacted by the new restrictive regulations. Only the welfare cheaters will be impacted, and that is definitely a good thing.

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