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See the first Vine from space

The first Vine from space has been posted by NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman
The first Vine from space has been posted by NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman

The first Vine from space has been published by Reid Wiseman, an astronaut currently aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and it's not only historic, it's highly educational as well.

The Vine video, just the usual six second snippet, probably took some work to achieve, as do most of the best videos which go viral from the site.

As Wiseman puts it, the first Vine from space captures a "single Earth orbit" in which "the Sun never sets." That means the time lapse video encompasses an entire, 24 hour day.

What's so educational about the Vine is seeing how the Sun actually moves in a giant circle during the 24 hour period. It's not so evident when the seemingly static star is viewed in either real time or as a video spanning out over more than a few hours or so.

Although the Sun is somewhat obscured by a solar panel during a good chunk of the Vine, it can still be seen peeking out from between the gaps.

Starting and ending the video at exactly the right moment, then compressing the action into the standard six second format adds undeniable, and utterly fascinating charm.

It just doesn't get better than this and NASA, as well as Reid Wiseman are to be commended for making this historic Vine video, and for carefully choosing the subject, framing its evolution and posting the video on a platform the whole world can enjoy.

To see the first Vine from space, click this link.

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