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See the city, it's Huntsville

Huntsville's Big Spring Park
Huntsville's Big Spring Park
Image Credit:: Wikimedia Commons

If you are a typical Huntsville resident, you were not born here. Likely as not you moved here to work, or you moved here with your parents or spouse, when they got a job here. No doubt, Huntsville is a high tech working town. It routinely makes somebody's list of best places to live. There is a reason, actually a lot of them. From the first Alabama state capital, to the watercress capital of the world, to a caver's paradise, and the rockets that define the space age, it takes more than a village to make a good city. If you haven't already, it is  time to get out and see that city. Ours is a good one and it is most definitely unique. The absolute must-sees in Huntsville include:

  • Bridge Street Town Centre -- You feel like you have stepped back into an old European town. The walkways are cobble. There are street musicians and fountains that kids are welcome to play in. There are gondolas, paddle boats, walking trails, and even a carousel. Bridge Street is popular with those coming in town on business. There is a hotel, restaurants, shops and things to do all in walking distance.
  • US Space and Rocket Center -- Rocket history happened here. If you haven't been yet or it has been a while, plan to spend the day.
  • Big Spring Park -- At the corner of Church and Williams Street in downtown, Big Spring Park is a city treasure. With cherry trees, a Japanese bridge, geese, and giant goldfish, some consider it the best-kept secret in town, a must see for out of town visitors. There is no admission, but you will have a lot more fun if you bring a loaf or two of bread so you can feed the fish and the geese.
  • Harrison Brothers Hardware -- Up the stairs from Big Spring Park, Harrison Brothers is an antique hardware store to shop and explore as you amble around the courthouse square.
  • Burritt on the Mountain -- The Burritt is a must for history buffs. The grounds offer one of the best mountain views in the area. There are also some interesting hiking trails.
  • Constitution Hall Village  -- July 5, 1819, delegates gathered in Huntsville to make Alabama the 22nd state. Step back in time, walk through the buildings, smell the smells, and experience life as it was back then.
  • Monte Sano State Park  -- Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachians, there are incredible mountain views, picnic tables, playgrounds, hiking trails, and camping facilities. Plan to enjoy yourself; the park is definitely family friendly.
  • The Huntsville Botanical Garden -- For garden buffs and plant lovers, the Botanical Garden is worth a visit. They added all kinds of kid friendly fun features so the younger set can have a good time, while their parents enjoy the gardens.

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