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See spots? They may be liver warts

Cover it up!
Cover it up!

How attractive are liver warts? Lovely dark splotches and burn marks can be found on the owners of sensitive skin after only a few hours of sunshine. It has been appropriated that vats of the highest SPF's, clothing, avoiding the sun during the most intense hours & staying in the shade will keep those nasty spots at bay, but even that just isn't enough. Even if you correctly purchase a high SPF that was made and tested for sunny Floridians. Sorry, fancy bottles from New York City!  

The plethora of lotions at our beck and call make all kinds of promises to erase and reverse damage, but which ones work, and after how many months and dollars? This is no laughing matter for an the 'melatonin impaired'. Money is no object when a radiating mustache needs to disappear pronto. Photo facial rejuvenation treatments are guaranteed to clear up that pesky bank account of yours and give you a chance to be pampered in just 6 treatments, so you better have a shiny credit card! Skin care specialists will ensure the customer that the products will work after a certain number of 'skin brightening' treatments and after a period of time and proper product application. But if you spend one minute in sunshine all bets are off.  But again, which one was it, the actual bottle or the time factor? As live volunteers continue to experiment, a working remedy awaits!

This simple folk remedy and great gift from the planet of castor seeds has astounded many with astonishing results. Castor oil is not just a punishment anymore. Skin flints, scales, brown spots, liver-warts, beware! Darkness will dissipate with this thick and not very glamorous oil. Application is simple. Apply oil to the darkness several times a day and normal skin coloring will return rapidly without discoloration hazards. This is not a miracle fix and it will take some time depending on the severity of the mark, and how quickly the skin recovers, but the evidence is encouraging. A thorough exfoliation before application will remove the dead cells, which will also help with this problem as well. Studies suggest that castor oil will increase circulation and help the skin to eliminate waste and reduce inflammation. When purchasing castor oil, be sure to buy it 'cold-pressed' and from a reputable health store.

If pregnancy is an issue, please consult a physician before the use of this product. Once armed with your handy and affordable bottle be sure to lookup all the other wonderful uses of this fine medicinal plant, and be sure to share your discoveries with everybody else!