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See Paul McCartney on 'The Colbert Report' (video)


Paul McCartney exchanged comic jabs with Stephen Colbert in a very light-hearted "interview" Wednesday night on Comedy Central. You can see it above. We could debate who "won" this exchange. Let's say I think Paul did better than Bill O'Reilly did.

But then we found this: a Colbert fan video set to "Helter Skelter."  

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  • Laurie Tyler 6 years ago

    I thought Paulie did great, (I think he made out better than another fav of mine, John Mellencamp), with Colbert, until I saw the fan video. I hope Paul gets to see it!

  • Barb P 6 years ago

    Great interview - so funny Paul's face when Steve was taking notes on who The Beatles were and their hit song. And of course the important info. for us ladies that Paul told......that his midriff is his tenderest part! ;-)

  • Steve Marinucci (Beatles Examiner) 6 years ago

    Laurie: Yeah, that fan video is pretty amusing.

  • Steve Marinucci (Beatles Examiner) 6 years ago

    Barb P: Tender midriff? :)

  • Astrid 6 years ago

    Unfortunately I cannot see it any more. I hope it will appear somewhere else again.

  • matt talvi 6 years ago

    As a big fan of Colbert, I was thrilled to see my favorite Beatle on his show. It was obvious, if you've seen Colbert in action with other guests, he was fairly gentle with Paul, and is an obvious fan. Macca isn't looking too great, though, I hate to say. Perhaps bad lighting?

  • dennis 6 years ago

    Comedy Gold! that's the colbert-macca's funnier every time i see it...(3 times,both w/ and w/o certain "substances" as Ringo would put it).