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See Jack Hanna's full SeaWorld presentation, including touching tribute to Dawn

Jack Hanna kicked off Wild Days at SeaWorld Orlando on January 11 and 12. He showed off some amazing animals, from cheetahs to camels to warthogs, and talked about the importance of conservation and protecting endangered species.

The most touching moment came at the beginning of his first show on January 11. He kicked it off with a tribute to trainer Dawn Brancheau, whose 2010 death is the focus of the "Blackfish" movie, which attacks SeaWorld Orlando without much mention of its thousands of animal rescues or ongoing conservation work on behalf of everything from turtles to cheetahs.

Dawn's family was in the audience, and as you'll see in the beginning of the video accompanying this article, Hanna spoke some touching words about her deep love for the orcas and the fact that she lived and died doing what she was most passionate about. He also spoke about the park's extensive work on behalf of animals.

You'll see Hanna's menagerie in the video, and you can also see a slideshow by jumping to this article.

Wild Days continues at SeaWorld Orlando for the next two weekends, ending on January 26. Next week's topic is Sea Rescue, followed by a weekend devoted to penguins as the grand finale. If you buy a Fun Card during Wild Days and bring a recyclable Coke container, you get a second Fun Card free. The cards give you unlimited admission to the park for the rest of the year.

If you'd like to see a video of the park's rescue and rehabilitation area and learn more about how it helps animals, go to this article. Meet four rescued pilot whales in this article.

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