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See if a Blind Man Can Sink a 3-Point Shot at College Basketball Game

On a very good day with the pressure on do you think that you could sink a 3-point basketball shot from mid-court? Now, could you do it if you were blind and you are at a college basketball game? Well a 54-year-old blind man accomplished this nearly impossible feat during a half-time basketball game at College of Ozarks, according to Fox News.

Blind Man sinks 3-point shot in college basketball game
photo credit - Consumerist

That’s right; Michael Quin hit the shot and in doing so won a full year’s supply of McDonald’s Value Meals. One can only imagine the tension as game fans sat on the edge of their seats waiting and watching to see if the basketball would come anywhere close to the basket.

As the seconds ticked off, the ball sailed through the air and then nothing but net. Next, near pandemonium that broke out in the basketball hall as fans cheered wildly watching the ball sink through the net, reported Fox News.

Quin, who gradually began to go blind after a series of fall beginning in 2010, joined the local Champion Athletes of Ozarks, which helps disabled people participate in sports. He is a fan of basketball and said he, “was excited about his shot — as well as the free food from McDonald’s,” according to Fox News.

Since the famous basketball shot a video of it has gone viral and he has become quite the celebrity as well as an inspiration.

Yes, quite an inspiration indeed and he told KSPR-TV , “I know that if I do my best then everything else will be okay,” he says. “I like basketball so much that a lot of times it’s just being with the other athletes and thinking about how great it is to be able to play basketball.”

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