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See highlights of new Shamu Lights Up the Night show at SeaWorld Orlando

Summer's officially here, and with it comes special entertainment at SeaWorld Orlando. Now that Shamu Rocks has been retired, Shamu Lights Up the Night has come in like gangbusters to replace it. Click the video accompanying this article for highlights from the show.

The new show runs nightly through August 10, with a DJ, dancing, fireworks, an original musical score, and of course the park's famous orca pod. There are plenty of jumps, splashes, and even several new behaviors like a special jump from Kayla.

Get to the show early, as there's lots of pre-show fun. The DJ keeps things rocking, and you might find yourself up on the big screen if you join in Dancing Through the Decades.

I was a big fan of Shamu Rocks, and I did like the live guitar, but I really love the soundtrack for the new show, as well as the use of color on the pool and fountains. I always love to see the killer whales show their smarts by showing off new behaviors, so that was enjoyable too. The show is very action packed, so keep your eye on the pool because you never know where an orca will pop up next. Just like all the shows, prepare to be drenched if you sit up in the soak zone.

There's a fireworks display toward the end, but I didn't really get to see it because there's still action going on in the pool, too. I love fireworks, but I'd rather keep my eye on what the orcas are doing next.

The park has plenty of other summer entertainment, too. Weekends feature Generation Nature Live, which you can read about here, and the sea lions will put on their summer comedy show every night. There's also a fun dance party at the end of the night, which you can read about in this article.

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