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2014 Winter Olympics

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See Gracie Gold, Ashley Wagner, Polina Edmunds skating? NBC gives a sneak peek

Gracie Gold, Ashley Wagner, Polina Edmunds ready for the Olympic ice
Gracie Gold, Ashley Wagner, Polina Edmunds ready for the Olympic ice
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Olympic figure skating is the next big event on the ice and the fans can hardly wait. Apparently Gracie Gold, Ashley Wagner and Polina Edmunds are getting ready for the big debut for Team USA too. On Monday NBC Olympics offered a sneak peek at the three tough competitors rehearsing in Sochi.

As some might expect this is a strong rivalry. Yet don’t expect any animosity in the rink while the athletes are in rehearsals. Each of the women have a limited amount of time to practice and this means focusing on the twirls, jumps and steps that will get them to the gold medal.

The three women (and a few more skaters in the rink) are seen focused on their routines while the coaches can be heard yelling out and clapping in the background. These final practice sessions offer a look at the last few times the athletes can practice on the ice before the big day.

When watching the raw footage, the fans immediately pick up on one distinct theme. The ladies figure skating is going to be epic. The moves seen in rehearsals are fabulous so when on the ice in front of the judges and dressed in the fancy costumes there will be few moments to miss.

So who is going to miss the ladies figure skating? Nobody in America as Team USA is going for the gold and everyone wants to watch.

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