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See Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour tonight in Austin

Acrobat performing to Dangerous at Michael Jackson tribute show
Cirque du Soleil

Looking for something different to do tonight? Head to the Cedar Park Center for the Cirque du Soleil production Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour. I attended last night’s performance and can heartily recommend it for anyone who appreciates artists in all dimensions—musicians, dancers, acrobats, and visual technologists.

Yes, it’s a visual delight, bursting with flashing lights, streams of smoke, bright colors, a huge variety of brilliantly costumed characters, and flashbacks from the King of Pop’s early shows.

Included are audio recordings of Michael talking about creating his music and his call for people to love, hope, and dream despite disturbing things going on in this world. More than just a tribute to his music, the show aims to inspire the audience to know and understand Michael better as a person.

After Wednesday in Austin (August 06, 2014), the show that has toured world-wide for three years moves to Houston and then to Mexico for its final performances.

Music and dancers seem to dominate the first act, although a body contortionist, flexible as rubber, delighted the audience in true Cirque style as she bent her body into un-human poses. This seemed like a warm-up for the second act, which thrilled with acrobats flipping and jumping in synchronization, dangling from wires, and performing as human trapezes. It’s impossible not to be mesmerized by their slow, smooth movements in the most amazing athletic postures. The one-legged dancer was also a crowd-pleaser.

The special effects of beautiful and technically complex costumes added a bit of whimsy to this spectacular show. Lights in many different colors and configurations glowed as performers danced or dangled from wires high above the stage, appearing to float in the air. As they twirled, the lights changed colors and designs in a captivating display. Red hearts, shoes, and a glove were all reminders of Jackson’s entertaining style.

Whether you’ve been a long-time fan of Michael Jackson’s music or just appreciate the amazing feats of Cirque du Soleil performers, you’ll be entertained throughout the evening. Tickets are available at or by calling 1-800-745-3000 and range from $50 to $175 each.

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