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See Bones Maki & the Treble-Aires at Riley Park this Friday

Craig "Bones" Maki and Erik "Spud" Alderink of Bones Maki & the Treble-Aires.
Craig "Bones" Maki and Erik "Spud" Alderink of Bones Maki & the Treble-Aires.
Photo: Matt Strickland

If you're looking for a good time, head on down to Riley Park at the downtown Farmington pavilion on Grand River Avenue Friday night, Aug. 20. Bones Maki & the Treble-Aires, a rockabilly band that hearkens back to the 1950s, starts playing at 7 p.m. It's a free, family-friendly concert everyone will enjoy.

Lead singer, songwriter and guitar player Craig "Bones" Maki has played with bands at gigs on Detroit's east side as well as all over the Midwest and Europe. Maki won a 2001 Detroit Music Award for his CD "Comin' All the Way from Detroit City," with the Big Barn Combo.  

Maki met guitar player and singer Eric "Spud" Alderink last year. "He and I got together last summer to jam and we found we had a lot of common musical interests, particularly in our love for guitarists like Joe Maphis, Chet Atkins, George Barnes, Les Paul and so on," Maki said. "He's a singer/songwriter, too. We even have daughters the same age! People dig the way we blend our voices together, although we don't have as many numbers worked up as I'd like, so I wind up singing the most."

Other band members are bass player Rudy Varner and drummer Loney Charles.

Come on down to Riley Park for some original tunes and good old fashioned fun.