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See Anna and Elsa in royal welcome processional at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Anna and Elsa arrive in a processional for their royal welcome daily at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
Anna and Elsa arrive in a processional for their royal welcome daily at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
Barb Nefer

This year, Disney's Hollywood Studios is celebrating Frozen Summer, which of course means Anna and Elsa are on hand. You'll have to head over to the Magic Kingdom if you want to meet them in person (and I highly recommend getting a FastPass to minimize the often crazy wait times), but you have some great opportunities to see them at the Studios, too.

The first daily chance to see Anna and Elsa is in their royal welcome processional at 11 a.m. each day through September 1. Stake out a spot early, and try to get as close to the stage as possible because that's where the presentation will be once the processional is done. If you don't want the hassle of picking and holding a good spot yourself, you can buy the Frozen Package, which includes a great viewing spot.

The processional is a mini-parade with lots of performers who pave the way for Anna and Elsa in their horse drawn carriage. Kristoff is on hand, too, although Sven must have gotten distracted somewhere eating carrots as he's not part of the entourage. It ends at the stage, where Anna and Elsa come out for the official royal welcome. Kristoff joins them, as does Olaf, albeit just on the big screen. Then Elsa does a bit of magic to make sure that there's snow, no matter how hot the Florida temps have soared for the day.

Click the slideshow accompanying this article to get an idea of what you'll see.

It's a fun little mini-parade and show, and kids who love the Frozen princesses will get a kick out of seeing them live. You might have to wait a while to get a good parade spot, but that's nothing compared to the multi-hour waits that can happen at the busiest times to see Anna and Elsa in the Magic Kingdom.

Of course, this isn't the only opportunity to see the duo. Jump to this article to read about their live sing-along show, which is presented several times a day. The Frozen Package includes preferred seating for the sing-along (and yes, of course it includes "Let It Go"). I recommend catching the processional, then heading over to the theater to enjoy the nice air conditioning during the show after your wait outside in the sun.

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