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See a new 'Walking Dead' webisode (Part 3) before the mid-season premiere

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

"The Walking Dead" loves to end an episode with a cliffhanger. Tonight, February 9 marks the mid-season premiere and fans are eager to see what happened to everyone after the prison fell. If you have been following this column, then you also know the last webisode of The Oath also ended with a cliffhanger as Paul has been strapped to a gurney in a room full of Walkers.

Click the video in the sidebar to see the conclusion of this tension filled "Walking Dead" webisode. It was directed by Greg Nicotero who has directed all of the past webisodes and also some of the television ones too.

How does this "Walking Dead" webisode tie into the original series? Remember in season 1 when Rick woke up in the hospital? He was walking down the hallways and saw that one chained up room warning how there are "Dead Inside" and now we learn the origin of that. It's not a huge tie in to the show, but a cool one nonetheless.

Be sure to catch new episodes of "The Walking Dead" beginning tonight at 9:00. Past season 4 episodes are currently airing on AMC to help catch everyone up on the series.

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