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Security guard trampled at Miami Ultra Fest is in critical condition

Gate crashers trample a security guard at Miami's Ultra Music Fest.
Gate crashers trample a security guard at Miami's Ultra Music Fest.
Photo by Mesa Top News Examiner: Video screen cap

A security guard trampled at the Miami Ultra Fest is slowly recovering from her injuries, but she is still in critical condition. She was crushed under the weight of fans that crashed the gate at the event. The guard was hospitalized for her injuries. On March 30, CBS News reported on the latest details related to this story.

Erica Mack was working security at the Friday night concert, and she was injured trying to stop gate crashers using the Southeast 1st Street and Biscayne Boulevard entrance to enter the event without tickets. The fence fell on top of the security guard as fans broke through.

Mack suffered from severe brain hemorrhaging, but she is now breathing on her own this morning. She also has a broken leg, according to NBC news. She is now at Jackson Memorial Hospital. The Miami Ultra Fest continued on following the trampling incident. Iggy Carroll, a Fire Rescue spokesman, said the following about the incident:

A mob of people came to a fenced in area where they saw an opportunity to try to push it over. Numerous amounts of people, we don't know the exact number, was able to push it on top of her and began trampling her just to get into the Ultra Fest.

This was not the only injury at the event. Police reported that several injuries and arrests had been made at the concert event. The Miami mayor wants to deny permits to the event next year following this incident. What do you think? What does this event say about concert safety?