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Secure the border, implement moratorium on immigration

Protesters of illegal immigration clash with police in California.
Protesters of illegal immigration clash with police in California.
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Since 1999 this reporter has been calling for a complete moratorium on immigration into the United States for the purpose of cleaning up the colossal mess created by decades of neglect and an abject refusal by elected officials to enforce the law. This plan involves the implementation of common sense reforms, complete with clear, strict limits on how many immigrants we allow into the country. An integral part of this proposal is to finish building the border fence that Congress approved in 2004 but was never completed due to the Democrat supermajorities elected in 2006 in both houses of Congress.

As it stands now immigration policy is a hodgepodge of disarray in which some laws are enforced and others are ignored, mainly to suit the political objectives of the White House and the Party that placed him there. The chaos took a dramatic turn when all at once, out of the blue, busloads of illegal aliens began showing up just over the southern border, inundating small towns and Border Patrol agents with a pitiful yet dangerous mass of humanity that has placed all Americans at risk.

These persons are being shipped out all over America. The diseases they brought with them are being spread throughout America. And the children that are being used as human shields are a cover for human slave traffickers that have also crossed into the country at the southern border, along with members of dangerous and deadly drug cartels.

And what is being done by the Obama Administration and the Democrats who control the Senate? Not much. These immigrants represent thousands of new voters for the Democratic Party.

New York State wasted no time in seizing their part of the voter bonanza. A bill has been introduced in the state legislature that would allow illegal aliens the right to vote. The New York City Council is also reviewing such a policy with the possibility in mind of allowing illegals to vote in local elections.

This scenario is bound to be played out all over the country. While many states and localities may refuse to allow illegal aliens to vote legally, we have witnessed all too often the resourcefulness of illegals and their "advocates" here in the states to break the law to get them in to vote. This is nothing less than an attempt at a coup, a coordinated scheme to change America from top to bottom by using illegal aliens to overwhelm the system.

In addition, all of the surveys of illegal immigrants show that a consistent plurality is in favor of gun control and confiscation, the plan to force taxpayers to fund healthcare, education, and birth control for illegals, and a systematic effort to amend the Constitution to reflect a more Marxist ideology. Oh, and one more thing. The vast majority of illegals state they will vote for Democrats.

Democrats and Obama supporters have tried to sell another lie to the public concerning immigration. The White House claims that the Obama administration has deported more illegals than any other administration in modern times. But look more closely and you will find the blatant falsehood in that statement. This administration has done a much better job at immediately turning back illegal aliens as soon as they reach the border. If one looks at that statistic alone, one will come away with a false impression of what Obama has done regarding immigration. Look a bit deeper and a very different picture emerges. The deportation of illegals who are already here, or who made it across the border undetected and undetained has plummeted under Obama. Very little has been done to detect, detain, and deport the illegal aliens who are already here.

Republicans are not without guilt on this issue. Some businesses have opposed the deportation of low-cost labor from south of the border. This amounts to slave labor, the exploitation of the poor from Mexico and Central America to keep their costs low. Both political Parties, therefore, are to blame. But the Democrats stand to reap most of the benefit due to the fact that illegals will vote for Democrats.

This entire scenario reeks of corruption. And the problem is so deep, so systemic, that the only remedy is to declare a 2-year moratorium on immigration. During that time the Congress must clean itself up. Not only must it pass sensible limits on immigration, limiting the number we take in each year, but it must determine to enforce the laws it passes. Set the number of immigrants we can successfully accommodate, and then close the door when that number is reached. Once that door is closed, there will be no more immigration for that year. Those who cross the border after the door is closed will be jailed and then sent back to where they came from. And then the process begins again the next year.

But one thing must be made clear, as if it isn't already.The country is being torn apart by an immigration policy gone wild. Rules are enforced willy-nilly while most of the laws that govern immigration are ignored. No nation can withstand such an onslaught without dire consequences down the road. Taxpayers resent having to foot the bill for the illegals especially at a time when the nation cannot afford to pay its bills. But they are forced to foot the bill by a malevolent central government that does not care what hardship this poses for the population as long as its goal is reached. That goal is the destruction of America as we know it and the implementation of "fundamental change," a nightmarish scenario where the Constitution and the Bill of Rights have no power, and the American Republic goes down in flames.

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