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Secular Reason Rally in D.C. this Saturday!

The Reason Rally, coming up Saturday, March 24th, is a secular event being held at D.C.'s National Mall at 10am. Some of my personal favorite speakers from the scientific community and beyond include: Richard Dawkins, Dan Barker, Lawrence Krauss, Michael Shermer and PZ Myers; comedians Tim Minchin, Eddie Izzard and Bill Maher; and the band Bad Religion. Unfortunately I will not be in attendance and instead will be at the Mindless Self Indulgence concert that evening (kind of sounds like the opposite of a reason rally, haha). This rally is just overflowing with genius and talent and it's incredibly difficult for me to come to terms with missing it, so if it's possible for you to go, you should! If anyone locally plans to atttend, feel free to contact me ( to share your experience!

Reason Rally

Some cities were fortunate to have enough people interested that busses were arranged at a discounted rate to take them to the Rally, but Dallas did not make it among that list. For more information visit

Dallas Atheism Examiner Facebook Page


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