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Section 42, the band

Meet Section 42!
Meet Section 42!
PHOTOS: Provided by the band.

Who is the Section 42 band? Section 42 is a cover band made up of seasoned musicians who have been playing out for many years. They put out enough energy to keep the dance floor crowded on any given night.

Section 42
Provided by the band.

On bass is Ken Bourinot who has been playing since his teens. Bourinot has played in several bands in the Boston music scene and has a wide range of influences. He studied music performance at UMass Lowell with an emphasis in sound recording technology. Jay Silverstein is on guitar and vocals. He's performed throughout Massachusetts and has been involved in numerous original and cover projects. Also on guitar and vocals is Tom Thornton whose influences range from Brian May of Queen to the predominant rock and metal players of the 80's. Thornton has played in a number of original and cover bands over the years. Lead vocalist Jamie Flanagan joined Section 42 in May 2013. She's performed in regional musical theatre and has won many singing competitions in the Boston area. Flanagan has also recorded lead vocals on numerous projects with local musicians and producers. Drummer Dan Gentile relocated to Boston from sunny Florida in 2011 and joined up with Silverstein and Bourinot. For nearly ten years he played with a country band and was part of some original bands down south.

Examiner spoke with drummer, Dan Gentile to find out more about Section 42.

Examiner: How did you guys come together and form your band?

Gentile: "Silverstein and Bourinot had been in bands together for a while and were looking to put something back together when I moved to Boston. I found them on Craigslist back in 2012 and that was the start of it. We went through a few singers and looked for a keyboard player until we got Thornton on guitar. We found Flanagan about a year ago."

Examiner: What is something you've never told anyone about yourself?

Gentile: "In the wise words of Dave Chapelle, I plead the fifth."

Examiner: What kind of music do you play and what do you listen to when your driving your car?

Gentile: "I listen to everything honestly, mostly put my iphone on shuffle, but there tends to be a bit more Soul/Funk then anything else. I really like the classics, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Ray Charles. Those guys where not only great musicians, but showmen as well."

Examiner: Have there been any artists who have been an inspiration to you?

Gentile: "Sure lots of people, as a drummer guys like John Bonham from Led Zeppelin and Neil Peart from RUSH. But as a musician guys like Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder. Those guys were real muscians, they played everything, and did it all pretty well. You don't see that caliber of player a lot these days, there are few out there, but not many."

Examiner: Have you performed or opened for any famus bands?

Gentile: "Sure in one of bands that I played with down in Florida we did the opening show for Kenny Chesney. In another band we opened for Steve Miller and George Thorogood."

Examiner: Upcoming dates in and around Boston?

Gentile: "Saturday, March 15, 2014 at Palmer's in Andover. Great place, good food and always a great crowd!"

Check out Section 42's Facebook page: Section42

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