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Secrets to Lasting Intimacy Tantra seminar next weekend

Bright Blessings.

It is road trip time for the Chicago "Secrets to Lasting Intimacy: Re-awakening Feminine Energy & Joy" workshop/retreat, presented by TantraNova, March 14-16. This will be held at the TantraNova Institute, located at 2031 W Warner Ave, in Chicago, IL, our neighbors to the South. With the reawakening of the Earth, this is a great time to reawaken the energy of the Passions

This weekend seminar is for couples and individuals. They will have tracks that address both the male and female energies in classes that will include

  • How to deepen the intimate connection with yourself and your partner
  • How to create fulfillment, joy and pleasure in your life
  • How to tap into and reawaken her luscious feminine energy
  • The secrets to being in her flow, aliveness and playful joy
  • How to receive and trust while opening her/his heart
  • How to assist and support the man in the rediscovery of his life force energy
  • How to assist and support the woman in re-awakening her feminine creative energy
  • The secrets to being strong, confident and fully present
  • and much more

The weekend will cost $549 per person. Tuition does not include room and board, so if you plan to attend, preregistration to for lodging is necessary. To register, visit the Bed and Breakfast site. Please remember that

"there is no public nudity in any TantraNova workshop. Friday and Saturday evenings are set aside for home partner practice in the privacy of participants’ home or hotel room"

This is a great time for reconnecting, as the Wheel has turned and Spring is upon us. The urge to partner and celebrate intimacy is here in the air.

You can learn more about TantraNova by reading their blog.

Want to stay a little more local? Then considering visiting the Mystery School of the Temple Arts Locate at a private location in the Dearborn area, they have offered educational services for many years.

You can find out more about the Mystery School in a previous article. There, you can experience the teachings of a local Dakini.

Blessed Be.

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