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Secrets Conference Brings Awareness to a Difficult Issue

One of the extraordinary privileges that I am fortunate to enjoy is meeting wonderful people who spearhead causes or issues which bring out the gamut of intangibles – admiration, courage, empathy, edification and inspiration. “To be better and greater than you were before you met such a person.” (E.F. Orencia, Jr.) Today, I introduce you to Lisa Bishop, architect of “Secrets Conference” which will be held at Relevant Church in Williamsburg, Virginia on April 25 and April 26.

Secrets Presenters
Facebook Secrets Conference
Secrets Conference in Williamsburg, VA
Facebook page for Secrets Conference

Please see her interview on this page and for information on the event, please take a look at the slideshow. The registration form is at

The conference main motif is “to expose and prevent child sexual abuse.” (Facebook page, Secrets Conference) The event commences on Friday April 25 at 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm and reconvenes on Saturday April 26 at 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The venue is Relevant Church. Workshops, guest speaker presentations and other formats are anticipated for the two day event.

Speakers include Shannon Lemm, a family law attorney who focuses on mothers and children who face abuse in the pre-custody and divorce climates; Todd Iverson, a veteran investigator, specifically on allegations of child and sexual abuse. He works closely on cases with entities like Human Services; Cindy Stiverson, a survivor and advocate on an issue which is often hidden for long periods of time undetected; and many more presenters who will touch different angles of child sexual abuse to help in healing, coping, awareness, and most importantly – may arm many in our community to prevent possible abuses.

While you spend this time in Williamsburg, I am sure that you will meet Lisa…..and you, like I was in a short period of time, will be better for having shared time with her and her friends.

Please go to Secrets Conference Facebook page for more information including other speakers, topic vignettes and event information.

Special thanks to Lisa Bishop for granting me an interview and my childhood basketball mentor, Jay Hermoso for setting up the opportunity to not only write this piece but to become more intelligent on these issues.

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