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Secrets about Fukushima radiating California must end, Assemblyman says

A California assemblyman began pushing Friday for transparency about Fukushima reactor meltdown radiation contaminating the Pacific Coast of the United States and slowly poisoning people, an alleged grave human rights violation

After Fukushima radiation catastrophe, Hillary Clinton signs secret seafood import pact with japan
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"Millions of Californians live in communities that are directly impacted by contamination in the ocean," Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski, representing the 25th California Assembly District said Friday.

The federal government claims Fukushima's radiation is no threat to California, but the assemblyman says online speculation is driving concerns among his constituents.

Wieckowski points to a YouTube video that seems to show rising radiation levels recorded on beaches in San Mateo County. The video has Californians concerned.

"That’s why I think it’s important for the state Department of Public Health to put what information it has in layman’s terms onto its homepage so the public can see it and understand what, if any, risks or concerns are out there.”

Fukushima radiation secrets have driven citizen reporters to become the main sources of information on Fukushima radiation throughout the nation. Althougd many of these are providing a potentially life-saving online service, some are less than ethical.

With over 25 years of experience in nuclear decommissioning oversight, and co-author of the first edition of the Department Of Energy (DOE) Decommissioning Handbook, Arnie Gundersen is more than a citizen reporter.

Gundersen, of Fairwinds Energy Education, debunked that viral YouTube video this week, He linked the Geiger Counter manufacturing company and vested interests, referred to there being no data comparison, and explained that contaminated sand has been used in other videos as proof of radiation. [See: W Co. Radiation Viral Videography DEBUNKED]

Secret Fukushima-radiated seafood sales

Gundersen warned the public this week that Pacific Ocean seafood is posing a risk to public health because Fukushima's radiation has entered the food chain. He said that although he would walk on a Pacific Ocean beach, he does not eat Pacific Ocean seafood.

[See: Stop eating Pa. seafood now, LA Times sounds alarm]

In 2011, Gundersen exposed that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had secretly signed a pact with the Japanese government to continue importing seafood from Japan into the United States, although the food was not and has not been adequately tested, according to the nuclear expert.

[See Over 462 trillion becquerels Fukushima strontium in Pacific Ocean, Seafood risk]

Babies dying at a 35% increased rate in eight northwest U.S. cities since the Fukushima meltdowns has been another secret. Radiation expert Joseph Managno has asserted that Americans will pay a high price for government and media cover-up and deception related to Fukushima radiation, such as telling women only harmless trace levels of radiation are coming to the U.S. from Fukushima. Increasingly, women in the United States have a special commonality with Japanese women: suffering spontaneous abortions and infant deaths.

Fukushima radiation secrecy has also involved the California Department of Public Health. It has not been posting updated radiation information for the public.

Wieckowski is urging the state’s health department to post updated information on the issue to its homepage.

Californians are concerned and seeking information about potential health risks caused by contaminated water coming to the state from the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, says Wieckowski (D-Fremont).

“I think a lot of people’s questions can be answered if the department would conduct a study or post the results of other studies and monitoring that are already completed to its homepage," Wieckowski said Friday.

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