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"Secrets Abound, My Love" Cover Reveal

"Secrets Abound, My Love" Cover
Pamela Foreman

The day is here! Welcome to the cover of my third book, "Secrets Abound, My Love"! This is a very exciting day for me. I never thought I'd have one book published, let alone three!

SYNOPSIS: When David and Annette join their families and begin one of their own, the couple can’t imagine how their marriage will affect their children, new and old. As parents, they each have high hopes for their children and their marriage, but in only a few short years, the path has gone the way of destruction.

Drugs, alcohol, abuse, loneliness … Secrets hide among the folds of their new lives and David and Annette are faced with the challenge of reconnecting with their children, while learning to be parents all over again.

How will they cope, discovering the hidden secrets? Will their marriage survive or will the threat of losing their children drive them apart? Can they fight adversity and win, or will their marriage be over as quickly as it began? Find out in Secrets Abound, My Love, the third segment in the Nebraska Holds series.

What makes this cover special is all the people who helped me take this. To clarify, this photo is mine, taken during June of 2013. But I would never have found this photograph without the help of friends.

On June 4, 2013, I posted on Facebook that "I am wanting to take photographs of either very old or unique door handles and locks or unique, old-fashioned journals with a lock and key." I got responses from the following people: Lori, Tricia, Janice, Cheryl, Michelle, Kelley, and Cyndy. I went to all the different places I was told to go to and checked them out plus borrowed some doorknobs from Tricia to take photos of.

So the deal was, the person who led me to the image I use on the book would get an autographed copy of my third book and recognition in the book as well. For those who lead me in any direction toward creating the cover will be put into a drawing to have their name used in my next book and will receive an autographed copy of that book as well.

So, I'm sure, if they even remembered this post, they are all curious as to who won. I will say, I saw things I'd never seen while taking the photos and I took over one hundred before I found the exact one I ended up using. But the funny thing is, the photo is actually of a place next door to the place someone suggested. So who ended up leading me to the final cover photo? <strong>The winner is..........KELLEY!!!! Now, the next winner for leading me to the various places until I found exactly what I was looking for is...JANICE!!!</strong>

Kelley sent me to a part of Hopewell, VA I had never been where I could a wonderful church with exactly what I had in my mind. But, after several trips to the church, taking pictures at different times of the day, I noticed a cemetery next to the church. I walked over to the cemetery and took even more photos of this really cool gate I found. All those photos led to the one I chose and I am very happy with it!

Janice led me to Weston Manor in Hopewell, VA where I was able to see some old locks and learned some history about the house. The women who happened to be there were more than happy to let me take photos and they even led me to a few other places where I might could take photos as well.

My book will be released this Friday, January 24th. I am having a release party that evening to celebrate the release. I will have prizes and fun games plus information on purchasing all three of my books. You can join the party by clicking here.

You can check out my third book (and the other two books) on Goodreads. I'd love for you to put it on your TBR list. I am also having a blog tour which you can join here.

Thanks for everyone's help in getting this book published. My fans rock!!!

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