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Secretary tweets selfies: Swiss Parliament nude selfies go viral

Swiss Parliament
Swiss Parliament
wikimedia commons

A secretary tweeted a nude photo that is now going viral, but her boss is not impressed at all by this one. On Thursday, Inquistr shared the news that a secretary actually tweeted out pictures from the Swiss Parliament. This woman's name hasn't come out yet, but she doesn't seem to know what she did wrong.

These pictures were taken at her place of work, but she thinks it was part of her personal life and so that makes it just fine. Honestly she just can't seem to see what she did wrong. The woman had 11,000 followers on Twitter, but it wasn't private either. It could be shared to everyone and went viral right away.

After the photo started to go viral, it was removed from Twitter. Of course people took screenshots of it and it is still out there for the world to see if anyone wants to see it. Someone wants to sell it even and you never know how much money they might get out of this photo.

So far she hasn't been fired, but it could end up happening. They were not very happy about these naked selfies that came out and if they can find a way to fire her over it that could happen. You have to remember that the way that you act can look poorly on everyone you work with and for as well.

E Canada Now shared a version of the photo that is okay to share online. It looks like she has her shirt pulled down, but that is about it. This didn't show off everything and it could have been worse. It might be enough for her to end up losing her job over it. She did tell reporters that she wasn't violating any work rules at all. If she gets fired, it sounds like she will probably be fighting it.