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Secretary of State John Kerry includes natural gas in 'clean energy' market

Secretary of State John Kerry
Secretary of State John Kerry
Photo by Joerg Koch/Getty Images

Secretary of State John Kerry has a modest dream of a world-wide “clean energy” market, according to a February 3, 2014 story on CNSNews. He articulated this vision at the Munich Security Market.

While Kerry compared the “clean energy” market to the rise of the internet in the 1990s, he envisions it as developing in a somewhat different manner. The internet, while based on technology developed for the military and NASA, was created by a myriad of entrepreneurial companies that took advantage of the capability to conduct commerce over computer networks. Kerry’s “clean energy” market would be a top down, government sponsored creation that would be a response to what he sees as the danger of climate change.

It should be noted what Kerry includes in what he believes to be “clean energy.”

“"If we harness the power of the wind in Mexico and the biomass in Brazil, the sunshine in Chile and Peru, the natural gas in the United States and Argentina, then the enormous benefits for local economies, public health, and of course climate change mitigation could reach every corner of the Americas and beyond.”

Natural gas, while relatively clean burning, has traditionally been seen as a fossil fuel, not ordinarily lumped together with solar, wind, or biomass. Moreover the United States has become awash in natural gas because of the application of fracking technology, which many environmentalists abhor. Nevertheless other countries are looking at adopting the technology to increase their own energy production.

Kerry is being quite clever, therefore, by reclassifying natural has as “clean energy” even though it might give the Obama administration’s environmental allies heart burn.

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