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Secret White House email targeted Fox News for its coverage of Benghazi

While President Barack Obama channeled comedian Chris Rock in front of his sycophants during the annual White House Correspondents Dinner, he was sure to include cheap shots at one of the few news organizations, Fox News Channel, that actually reports on his and his minions' alleged misconduct. However, on Monday night Fox News' Megyn Kelly broke a story regarding an internal White House debate on how to "handle" a news story two weeks after the Benghazi slaughter in Libya.

On Monday night, Fox News' Megyn Kelly broke a new story about the continuing Benghazi cover up saga.
Courtesy of FNC/NewsCorp

Fox News' intelligence and counterterrorism maven Catherine Herridge told Kelly's TV audience, that “a 7 page email circulated at the highest levels of the White house apparently to come up with a media strategy to deal with the Fox News report is being withheld by the State Department citing executive branch deliberations.”

The report, which is the subject line of the emails, “Fox News: US officials knew Libya attack was terrorism within 24 hours, sources confirm” was circulated september 27th and September 28th 2012 concluded the intelligence community knew benghazi was terrorism within 24 hours.

The list of email recipients according to Herridge's report included Denis McDonough, the president’s deputy national security adviser during the Benghazi terrorist attack, John Brennan former White House counterterrorism adviser and who later was rewarded with the position of CIA Director, then-Deputy Director of the CIA Michael Morell, and presidential aide Ben Rhodes who sent the email to Susan Rice and others in order to sell the "anti-Muslim video angle" during her appearance on the Sunday morning news shows, as reported in the Examiner.

The nonpartisan Washington watchdog Judicial Watch's top investigator, Chris Farrell, who is in the midst of a FOIA lawsuit for the email related to the Fox News report, said “A 7-page dialogue concerning one Fox News report to me demonstrates an alarm bell situation where they are reacting to and trying to shape a response or commentary to react to or to shut down reporting.”

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