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Secret Service agents reprimanded for partying in Amsterdam

What the Obama Administration does not need is another scandal at the hands of those sworn to protect the President. It has become a major concern among U.S. state senators, given that this latest debacle is one of 3 recent scandals involving the Secret Service.

President Obama during a trip to the Netherlands
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Accused agents were flown back to the U.S., from Amsterdam, amidst allegations of drunkenness and lack of control. One agent was found passed out and inebriated in his hotel room. This behavior is unacceptable in normal walks of life. For high-level government employees, the hammer falls down even harder.

Last year, 13 Secret Service agents were reprimanded for partying with Colombian women, during an official trip with President Barack Obama. Though agents are typically allowed to consume alcohol within limits of moderation, behavior outside of those limits are dealt with severely. They are also prohibited from consuming alcohol within 10 hours of starting a shift.

The Secret Service Department has a zero-tolerance policy with regard to abhorrent behavior. Director Julia Pierson is tasked with enforcing the rules of the house, and she's solidly backed by the President, according to sources.



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