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Secret post leaks updates to Apple EarPods

Secret post leaks updates to Apple EarPods
Secret post leaks updates to Apple EarPods
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Secret is a relatively new app for iPhone that allows users to share short posts anonymously. While most of the “secrets” on the app are personal musings, the app has also been used to leak several tech secrets. Most recently, a user has posted that Apple is planning to include include heart rate and blood pressure sensors in its newer EarPods.

According to the Secret poster, the EarPods will also include iBeacon technology making them locatable using iOS devices. The EarPods will also have a redesigned inline remote, and an extra microphone with improved noise cancellation. Finally, the EarPods will feature data encryption technology similar to that which stores fingerprint data on the iPhone 5S.

The EarPods will plug into the lightning connector port. The EarPods updates are supposedly the reason for the change in position of the audio jack on the bottom of the newer iPhones. The leaker indicates that we will see the EarPods when iOS 8 drops. It is designed to be a gateway product for the iWatch and the upcoming fleet of wearable health-tracker products soon to hit the market. These will all presumably work with the Apple Healthbook app, which will reportedly be an integral part of iOS 8.

These rumors are just that: rumors, unconfirmed. However, many comments seem to indicate that the leak is connected to the recent halt in production of the Nike FuelBand fitness tracker. This halt in the project caused the layoffs of approximately 80% of the development team, and the speculation is that the Secret poster is one of the former team members.