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Secret Location - A Hidden Find in Vancouver, B.C.

Secrete Location's impressive interior is sleek and chic.
Secrete Location's impressive interior is sleek and chic.
Photo by Michael Reiss

This concept store/restaurant, Secret Location, in Gastown could be found on the Champs Elysee in Paris.

Secret Location - A Hidden Find in Vancouver, B.C.
Photo by Michael Reiss

The clean, chic white space with unique décor, including a baccarat crystal chandelier, is easy to miss on earthy, cobble-paved Water Street. It is so out of character for the neighborhood that most passers byes would either miss it or be so intimidated, as to dismiss it.

For the discriminating shopper or gourmet, this is a hidden gem. The shop stocks the most select curated lifestyle items that only a discerning connoisseur would recognize or appreciate.

In fact, they close the store, if more than 10 people are browsing, so that the staff can properly attend to the customers.

Likewise, the restaurant /lounge is a refuge for the diner who is looking for a high end, curated food experience much like one would find in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

This experience is not for the meat-and-potatoes crowd, but for the individual who wants a unique food and wine pairing adventure.

The quality vs. quantity of the three, five and ten course dinners, which include wine and cocktail pairings, allows Chef Jefferson Alvarez to customize the experience to his audience. This makes for a thoughtful, carefully orchestrated evening that complements the philosophy of this unique lifestyle boutique in ambience and taste.

Favorite Bites:

seared foie gras, fruit mostarda , gluten free brioche

seared halibut, pea textures, coconut lobster froth

charcoal bison ribeye, fried yucca, herb oil, tobacco tea, seasonal vegetables

Secret Location
1 Water St,
Vancouver, BC V6B 2H9, Canada

+1 604-685-0090