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A young man was among a few panelists at a relationship conference and was asked at the end of the relationship discussion to offer a pick up line for the men in the audience. Here is what he said in a Barry White voice: “Sweetheart, I see this dress you are wearing on Hollywood stars but you wear it better.” Some of the audience members thought that was smooth. After the event, he thought of another way of rephrasing it… “Sweetheart, I only see this dress you are wearing on Hollywood stars, you must be a star.”

Often time men are anxious of how to approach a lady. We rattle our brain to device a good punch line that will make us sound smooth, calm and collected so the lady can talk to us. We even go to the extent of practicing pick up lines used by other men that can backfire if the lady has heard it before. What we fail to realize is that a pick up line is nothing but attention grabber. It’s a sentence or few sentences you say to attract and hold the attention of a person. Pick up lines are dependent on the situation and environment you find yourself and the lady you are trying to talk to. Therefore, whatever you say is always going to be different and original all the time.

Here is a few scenarios: If you are at a bus stop trying to catch a bus and you see an attractive young lady you want to talk to, here is what you can say, “excuse me miss, it’s my first time catching the bus, do you know how long the bus runs?” the lady will look at you from the position of someone who is interested in the bus and not her thus she will provide you with a good response. Then you can say, “thank you.” That gives you a starting point and you can build the conversation from there.

Here is another scenario, let’s say you have been eyeing a young lady in your church and you have been wondering how to talk to her, here is an approach: “Hello sister, I have been seeing you in church but you have not attended our young-adult meeting, is there any reason?” depending on the reason she gives you, follow up on it. She can say she has not had the time to attend the meeting because she has to work right after church. Then you can ask her where she works and express you hope she will be off one of these days for the meeting. Tell her when the next meeting is and say by the way, my name is…. always want to say your name so she can remember it.

If you read into my lines carefully, they were unique for the different scenarios presented. The secret behind coming up with an original pick up line that will grab the attention of a lady, have her listen to you, and converse, which can lead to exchange of numbers is to look for a common factor between you and the lady. Find something that connects both of you together. In my first example, it’s the bus; in my second example, it’s the young-adult meeting. Look for that common factor and use that to break the ice to start a conversation.

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