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Secret ET star maps discovered in Pascagoula and Stephenville witness statements

Free-energy plasma representation of Narahari, an avatar of Visnu.
Free-energy plasma representation of Narahari, an avatar of Visnu.
Jon Kelly

Secret messages describing an ET map and its relationship to diagrams of cosmic pathways in the human body are the topic of a new Headline News episode of The Secret Message Report - Podcast Edition. The Vancouver-based podcast, produced by Vancouver UFO Examiner Jon Kelly, describes how extraterrestrials are revealing cosmic pathways to the liberation of consciousness from within the human body by presenting UFO contactees with diagramatic maps during their time aboard the mysterious vehicles. New map-related artifacts indicating ET contact with human beings were recognized through an ongoing international study revealing contactees’ unconscious secrets. These secrets were documented by a mobile media lab monitoring audio recordings in reverse to identify messages hidden backwards in human speech. This story is now also available as a new episode of SecretMessageTV. Click here to watch now.

Secret messages describing an ET map were found in statements from eyewitnesses to the 1973 Pascagoula, MS Abduction as well as the 2008 Stephenville, TX Lights. Charles Hickson, author of UFO Contact at Pascagoula spoke in a 1973 interview with Dr. James Harder describing what it felt like while he was being abducted.

Pascagoula Secret

“The only physical pain that I had is when they took hold of me there on the banks of the river. The one that took hold of my left arm and this arm here. Just instantly, I felt pain. But it was gone just that quick. And then once aboard the craft, at one time I felt this same pain in the same area again but it was just [gone] instantly. And that's the only physical pain that I had through the entire thing."

When played in reverse Mr. Hickson's audio says, "The little map, I filed it. Since the Grey draws in it."

In another more recent case, Stephenville Lights witness Barbara Gibson spoke to the Secret Message Report in November, describing possible environmental factors related to ET contact in the Commanche Peak region.

"[T]hat our water had been contaminated some way ... We have to find out how they're testing it out with the state, to see if it had changed."

When played in reverse Ms. Gibson's audio says, "In the sector they hide map."

Listen to these audio clips and more in the latest episode of The Secret Message Report - Podcast Edition now.

The Way Home

The presentation of an ET star map was one of the scenarios described in the Betty and Barney Hill abduction case. Betty Hill had a dream in which she saw a map “of the heavens” composed of points and connecting lines. Her recollection of the map was later compared by astronomers with known star systems as well as by crop circle enthusiasts with planets and other bodies within the Earth’s solar system.

There is a relationship between the “heavenly” map revealed during unconscious activities of UFO contactees and the diagram of the Tantric chakras as described by yogis experiencing deep meditation. Calvin Parker, who accompanied Charles Hickson during the Pascagoula incident gave an interview many years later in which he claimed that part of his abduction experience involved an introspective journey imposed upon him by the psychic influence of the one of the ET’s.

“[S]he backed me up against a wall and she set there and she started staring at me. And as she was staring at me it seemed like my whole life came up on a movie projector or a screen. And I started looking at everything that was important to me. I started seeing birthdays … I started seeing deaths … It seemed like my whole life was just flashing before me.”

From a perspective born of journeying along the spiritual path, how different is Calvin Parker’s description from the experience of the Buddha during his struggles with the god of death before achieving Nirvana? A. Ferdinand Herold’s The Life of Buddha describes the encounter so:

“Mara's army was a fearful sight. It bristled with pikes, with arrows and with swords; many carried enormous battle-axes and heavy clubs. The soldiers were black, blue, yellow, red, and their faces were terrifying. Their eyes were cruel flames; their mouths spewed blood. Some had the ears of a goat, others the ears of a pig or of an elephant. Many had bodies shaped like a jug. One had the paws of a tiger, the hump of a camel and the head of a donkey; another had a lion's mane, a rhinoceros' horn and a monkey's tail. There were many with two, four and five heads, and others with ten, twelve and twenty arms. In place of ornaments, they wore jawbones, skulls and withered human fingers. And shaking their hairy heads, they advanced with hideous laughter and savage cries:”

It was under the pressure of confrontation with death that the Buddha recalled his past lives and overcame his attachment to fear, surrendering his consciousness to the source of all existence and establishing his mind in a state of permanent bliss.

Like the Betty Hill star map, the chakras are also represented as a series of points connected by lines. However, following the cakra map leads people not to a planet inhabited by aliens but on a one-way journey to liberation from the cycle of reincarnation.

Voyaging Beyond

Permanent liberation in this lifetime is possible. This is the message of the yogis. Beyond life and death, liberty from the inevitable ups and downs in the struggle for greatness. Existence in a state fully integrated with the infinite tranquility of Cosmic Consciousness. Perhaps the map incidents reveal spiritually evolved ET’s providing instruction to contactees as a form of intervention in the consciousness evolution of the human species.

After all, an authentic vision of the map to spiritual liberation in this lifetime could easily inspire heavenly feelings in even the most hardened abductee.

Consistent with Other Findings

The Charles Hickson audio analysis has produced results consistent with other evidence of secret UFO messages discovered in the statements of state and national political figures. In fact, has reported how the 2009 inaugural address of President Barack Obama and the on-camera remarks of retired New Hampshire legislator Henry McElroy both contained hidden statements using words identical to those found in the secret messages of Charles Hickson. This fact is revealed when recorded comments from the speakers are played in reverse.

Mr. Hickson described his concern for confidentiality while being interviewed by police.

"But we talked it over again and decided we would call the Sheriff's department. And Sheriff Fred Diamond told us to come on over there, that we'd talk about it. So, we stayed there for several hours talking and them questioning us. And the Sheriiff promised me that it wouldn't, any news media know anything about it. That he would try and get it to the proper authorities, if he could find out who the proper authorities was and have it investigated."

When I play that backwards the Charles Hickson audio says, “They knew an alien”

Mr. Hickson also described what it was like seeing the UFO for the first time.

"So, I don't know what attracted my attention. Well, I had reached around to get more bait, which was setting behind us. I heard some kind of zipping-like sound. Like air or steam or something escaping from a pipe. And as I turned around I saw two blue flashing lights, or either pulsating lights - I'm not sure."

Played in reverse the Charles Hickson audio says, “The saucer”.

Listen to these audio clips and more in the latest episode of The Secret Message Report - Podcast Edition now.

For comparison, here are some remarks from President Obama’s inaugural address.

"We are the keepers of this legacy. Guided by these principles once more, we can meet those new threats that demand even greater effort - even greater cooperation and understanding between nations. We will begin [to responsibly leave Iraq to it] s people, and forge a hard-earned peace in Afghanistan."

Playing that backwards reveals the President of the United States saying, “Knows power of alien saucers.”

This audio evidence reveals how both UFO contactee Charles Hickson and President Barack Obama are independently using the same vocabulary in the formation of their unconscious secret messages. Both parties are clearly describing aliens and saucers through this form of communications.

Retired legislator Henry McElroy claimed to have seen briefings given to President Dwight D. Eisenhower that referenced ET contact. Here is Mr. McElory’s statement:

"The document I saw was an official brief to President Eisenhower. To the best of my memory this brief was pervaded with a sense of hope, and it informed President Eisenhower of the continued presence of extraterrestrial beings here in the United States of America."

Played in reverse the Henry McElroy audio says, “The alien. The Greys”.

The term greys is evocative of the Grey who apparently drew in Charles Hickson’s star map. Playing Charles Hickson’s interview backwards reveals the secret message, "The little map, I filed it. Since the Grey draws in it."

Listen to these audio clips and more in the latest episode of The Secret Message Report - Podcast Edition now.

Historical Precedent

The reverse analysis of human speech recordings has been used successfully to provide clinical, forensic and military-grade intelligence studies used by state agencies, media and private individuals throughout the world. Results from these studies were presented to the public via marathon radio campaigns where secret backwards messages were witnessed and independently documented by local radio stations anticipating headline news reports by minutes, weeks and years in advance. CBS Radio and television have featured the reporting of Jon Kelly, the Vancouver UFO Examiner as a radio feature producer and the subject of a #1-rated local television news broadcast. Coast to Coast AM, Fox News Radio, BBC London, Deutschlandradio Berlin and hundreds of other shows have conducted extensive interviews as well, many of which are available online. Articles featured in UFO Digest, AOL News and USA Today continue this trend into 2011.

The Chakra Diagram

The chakra diagram reveals a series of points within the human body connected by meridians. This system channels the micro-cosmic potential of the human body known as kundalini. The cakra points are related to the glands of the human body and their hormonal secretions. These in turn influence emotions and behaviors. Acoustic regulation of cakra performance is achieved through the recital of mantras. When those recitations vibrate in harmony with overtones of the cosmic fundamental (the spiritual background sound of the universe), manifestations of cakra control express in that person’s life through measurable control of the elements. These expressions are known as siddhis.

In Tantra philosophy, each of the five lower cakras in the human body are related to one element within a five-elements cosmology. Earth, water, fire, air and ether are the elements. Photography recorded during the recitation of mantras and bhajans has captured moments of perfect control where the elements conspire to realize fantastic visions. High-resolution full-frame manifestations of divine iconic forms are easily recognized as representations from classical traditions of human spirituality.

View these images in the exclusive slideshow attached to this article.

In many of the pictures, breath condensation suspended in the air is constrained to comply with intelligent designs during the recital of mantras, illuminated by the camera’s flash. In other instances, the form expresses through free-energy plasmas manifesting spontaneously in the atmosphere near the camera.

A number of the images can be resolved by mirroring the picture frame across the Y axis. These particular images provide additional visual evidence for mirror-encoded phenomena detected in the signature of the human voice. After all, they were recorded not in silence but while the camera operator was reciting mantras and bhajans aloud.

Is it possible that spiritually advanced ET’s are aware of the reality-transforming architecture within the human body and its potential to provide permanent liberation from suffering? Is it the transfer of these ideas from ET’s to human beings that is contributing to reports of star maps being revealed to UFO contactees during their encounters?

The secret messages of Charles Hickson and Barbara Gibson discovered in their statements regarding the 1973 Pascagoula Abductions and 2008 Stephenville Lights provide unconscious perspectives on this important and perennial question.

Listen to these audio clips and more in the latest episode of The Secret Message Report - Podcast Edition now.