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Secret Bases to return in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Secret Bases will finally be making a return to the Pokemon series
Secret Bases will finally be making a return to the Pokemon series

One of the more popular features of the original Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire games, Secret Bases, will be making a return when the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire remakes release this November.

An announcement from the official Pokemon website was released this evening, which revealed that the feature will be coming back for the first time in 10 years under the title of "Super-Secret Bases." They also announced a few new features to coincide with the return of the Secret Bases.

The first addition to Secret Bases is that with the advent of wireless play, you can connect to other Secret Bases across the world. Through wireless communication, you will be able to battle other trainers in their own Secret Bases, while also having the option of inviting them back to your own base.

Those trainers that you invite to your own Secret Base will be known as "Secret Pals" who will battle you and aid you with something called "special skills." These skills can be earned in a new Secret Base mini game of capture-the-flag. The premise is simple, and it appears that we will learn more about the rewards for competing as we get closer to the release date.

Of course nothing in the Pokemon world comes without an explanation, and as a result a new character named Aarune will be introduced to help explain Secret Bases to new players.

The Secret Base feature was first introduced in Ruby and Sapphire for the Gameboy Advance but was not retained in later Pokemon games. While not necessary to the game, it was a fun little side quest that allowed players to customize their own little hideout with things such as furniture, televisions, plushes and more.

It was an incredibly simplistic feature yet addictive nonetheless. It really helped to make the world feel much more interactive, as their were numerous spots across the Hoenn region where you could set up a base.

These Super-Secret Bases seem to be an improvement on an already awesome feature, and many fans will jump right back into the swing of things once the game releases in November.

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