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Secret app CEO addresses the issue of cyber bullying

Co-founder and CEO David Byttow of Secret the seven week old app are generating a lot of criticism in Silicon Valley, reports TechCrunch late today.

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Byttow had defended the app at SXSW stating on stage that, ‘we don’t see very much of that, if any.’

But the app is raising eyebrows and creating tension. The comments posted on the app take aim at everyone from founders, executives and anyone around Silicon Valley. It is becoming a ‘Valley of Silicon’ reality show only on messages placed online.

It goes after people and their ethics while the comments have no boundaries on the ethical measurement of the messages.

Byttow has defended the app that the potential for these apps to improve upon the human experience exists but we have, ‘lots of hard work to do and difficult issues to work through.’ He is considering that age 17 and over should be the rule for the app and there are other guidelines in development for the app.

Netscape founder Marc Andreessen questioned on Twitter whether it was ethical to build or fund a system that is ‘designed to encourage negative behavior, tearing people down, making fellow souls sad.’

Andreessen continued, ‘this is [the] heart of a big part of my concern,’ He adds, ‘It’s the most vulnerable people who will be most damaged when this goes wrong.’

Byttow reminds everyone that on Secret, you only get posts from within your community or where you have interacted. Byttow emphasized the positive that Secret users often help one another in the community as opposed to trashing.

Secret will have improved positive guidelines and input while it ramps up for being released on Android as an app. Byttow has hired Sara Haider, VP of Analytics, from Twitter to head up the Android app development.

While these advancements are being put into place the guidelines have potential to be a powerful tool for positive support and action to reinforce good behavior within the community.

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