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Secondhand stress may be hazardous to your health

Stress can be killer. Doctors have warned us for years about the effects of stress on the body. Stress can lead to heart disease, strokes and other health issues. Combine stress with other factors like obesity and smoking and the health risk increases. Recent research has found that secondhand stress can be just as deadly.

Secondhand stress,"is caused by being exposed to other stressed people," states wikiHow, "yes, stress is contagious, just like the common cold, only you're less likely to blame it on someone else."

  • The coworker who constantly complains about everyone else in the office.
  • The friend who working through an illness or other messy problems.
  • The parent who is dealing with their grown children's problems.
  • The neighbor who dials into their nest door neighbors problems.
  • Babies who pick up on the stress of their parents.

These are just some of the many ways people can be an unwitting victim of secondhand stress.

Here are some tips on how to deal with secondhand stress.

1. Be mindful of the stressful situations which may arise around you. Stress seems to be a part of the American lifestyle this is why you must always be mindful of what is going on around you and learn not react.

2. Identify those friends, relatives and coworkers who "stress" contagious. Everyone has at least one person in their work or social life who when around bring up the stress level in the room. The key to dealing with people are "stress" contagious is to learn techniques to diffuse the situation when the person is around. In other words be the calm to their stress.

3. Don't react to a stressful situation with stress. One of the keys to dealing with a stressful person is not become stressful yourself. When dealing with a stressful person make sure to always be aware of your own emotions. If you find yourself reacting to stress with stress either find a way to gain control of your stress or excuse yourself from the situation.

These are only three of the many ways to deal with secondhand stress. The key is to find some techniques which work best for you and use them whenever a stressful situation arises.

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