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Second ‘Swordsman’ class trailer released

Yesterday, Perfect World Entertainment released the second class trailer for its upcoming martial arts MMORPG, “Swordsman”, inspired by the works of Louis Cha.

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The new class trailer can be found up top and it highlights three more of the playable classes that gamers can choose from, Shaolin, Five Venoms and Zephyr School. The Shaolin strive to acquire incredible force and strength, as well as a physique that is durable when others would be exhausted, they are masters of both defensive and offensive skills. Once part of the Sun and Moon School, the all-female Five Venoms School branched out into a cult, worshipping the snake, centipede, scorpion, spider and toad, valuing the creatures for their poisonous nature and eventually applying these poisons in combat. Originating from Taoism, the Zephyr School is home to masters of evasion, able to become as elusive as air, preventing enemies from taking advantage of their natural low defensive capabilities.

To learn more about the free-to-play MMORPG, “Swordsman”, or to sign up for the game’s closed beta, you can visit the official site.

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