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Second string QB position up for grabs

Vince Young probably didn't expect to be on the Packers' squad two weeks after attending this ESPN event July 17.
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for ESPY

If Aaron Rodgers ever goes down with an injury, Green Bay Packers' fans may cringe.

That's because very little talent is there to back him up.

Fans all cheered when Matt Flynn almost was able to beat the very talented 2010 New England Patriots team. And they were amazed by his six touchdown performance in the 2011 finale.

Now, however, flash forward to a 2013 Packers team carrying three unproven backups. Can either one of them be a capable replacement to Rodgers should he get injured?

First, the Packers allowed Flynn to leave for the 2012 season. They kept only two active quarterbacks on the roster, Rodgers and Graham Harrell.

Harrell, despite having three sub-par preseason games in 2012, was able to beat out then-rookie B.J. Coleman, thanks mostly to an excellent fourth game.

In 2013, the Packers still have Harrell and Coleman and they were both competing for that second spot, with Harrell struggling mightily in practice.

Then a catalyst entered the picture. Veteran QB Vince Young, a National Champion, and owner of a 30-2 record in college, is only 30, but his throwing motion still could use some work.

Young struggled in his first few practices since being signed by the Packers. He has thrown four interceptions in practice and had one ball somehow fly backwards out of his hand during a dropback.

Tonight, Coach Mike McCarthy plans to use all four quarterbacks. Likely, Rodgers will play three or four series, Harrell will play almost the entire first half, Coleman will get the third quarter and a few series into the fourth and Young will finish the game.

If Young doesn't show something soon, he's as good as cut. Harrell needs to step up his game or he'll wind up on the practice squad and the Packers will just carry two active QBs this season (Rodgers and Coleman).

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