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Second Skin: Film Review

Second Skin movie poster
Second Skin movie poster
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Second Skin was a movie I first encountered at a convention. I was handed a movie poster and didn't think much about it until I came across it again recently on Netflix. I am a big fan of the Watch Instantly on Netflix and decided to give this movie a whirl.

This film follows a group of people who are immersed in MMORPG's that include World of Warcraft, Second Life and Everquest. The film explores this new culture that has risen in our society of online gamers, who they are and how it is affecting our lives. 

It mainly follows a household of gamers that includes couples. However they also show two extreme examples of people. One man is consumed by gaming so much that he loses everything and has to rebuild his life. Another man is permanently disabled but is able to find friends and companionship online in world where he is not restricted. 

It was an enjoyable film that allowed a peek into (for some) a whole another world. For people like me I was able to relate at times. I understand it is a hobby and often an alternative way of de-stressing. I found this film enjoyable although I suspect for non-gamers who may watch this it may just reinforce their ideas of how this culture is full of rejects as it does not fit into the more accepted ideas of society.

Pros: Great independent

Cons: Wish it gave bigger spectrum of this culture

I would give this film 3 out of 5 stars.


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