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Second set of 'mono mono' twins born at same hospital

Second mono mono twins
Second mono mono twins

It's like winning the lottery, twice! For the second time in a week, a rare set of mono mono twins was born at Akron General Medical Center in Ohio.

A news camera was recording to capture the birth of the recent set of mono mono siblings. New mom, Amanda Arnold was ready at 32 weeks, to deliver identical, twin girls.

Just six days ago at the same hospital the Thistlethwaite family made international news when their mono mono twins, Jillian and Jenna, held hands just seconds after they were born. The C-section deliveries, took 19 minutes.

Then, days later identical twin sisters Janiyah and Amaya were born mono mono too ! Mom says, "I just got a glance. They were so little."

Mono mono twins share the same amniotic sac and placenta and only happen once in every 10,000 pregnancies. The term means twins are monochorionic and monoamniotic. there is a single chorion and a single amniotic sac. These are monozygotic twins that develop from a single egg/sperm combination which splits into two. When the split is delayed, the process of growing a placenta, chorion and amniotic sac has already begun, and the two embroys will develop within a single, shared sac. Only about 1% of twin pregnancies will occur in this manner.

To have two sets in a week at the same hospital is unheard of. "Strange occurrences occur in strange manners so it's one of those frequency things. It just kind of happens and you just have to kind of roll with it a little bit," said Dr. John Stewart Jr.

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