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Second giraffe may be killed in Denmark

A mousepad someone sent me. Available on Zazzle.
A mousepad someone sent me. Available on Zazzle.
PEAnderson mousepad; available on Zazzle.

Showing a complete lack of concern for public opinion, not to mention a lack of human decency, another Denmark zoo has made an in-your-face declaration that it may kill another giraffe, ironically also named Marius, after the much-criticized death of the baby elephant Marius, who was skinned in front of a group of school children.

Animal rights advocate Liz Tyson made compelling arguments about why the first killing made no sense. Now another is announced. How much can we take.

There is another futile attempt to stop this killing with a petition.

What are decent people to do in times like these?

Is it time to decorate your hand baskets?