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Second City elucidates our city

Sometimes the best understanding of a place is found by the visitor, not the inhabitant. This is the case with Second City's characterization of Atlanta and its people in Peach Drop, Stop and Roll. The comedy revue not only pokes at the stereotypes and mythologies of Atlanta, it gives an excellent account of the city's history, including its incredible growth from Terminus, destruction and rebirth, prominence in the realm of race relations and civil rights, shortcomings during the 1996 Olympic Games, and predilection for big business.

Two of the most stunning elements of the show are the political and social parallels drawn of a typical Atlanta family in three different periods of the city's history, as well as a two minute song outlining the causes for Atlanta's continuing transportation woes.

Performances of Peach Drop, Stop and Roll, at the Alliance Theatre's Hertz Stage, have been extended through December 27, 2009.