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Second Big Brother 16 houseguest Derrick loses grandfather while on Big Brother

Big Brother's Derrick loses grandfather while in house
Big Brother's Derrick loses grandfather while in house
Dana Vieira

They say death comes in threes and we can only hope that for the houseguests of the Big Brother 16 cast that it does not ring true for them.

Big Brother 16
Dana Vieira

Just three days ago, houseguest Frankie Grande learned of the passing of his grandfather while he is playing the Big Brother game. He found out from a letter his family sent to the house and per his grandfathers wishes, Frankie decided to stay in the house and keep playing the game.

The house grieved with him and came together to support him. Frankie cried and laughed remembering his grandfather with his fellow houseguests and shared the letter with the viewers as well.

He even did a speech for the viewers on TVGN and the live feeds talking about his grandfather and how great of a man he was.

In the HOH game yesterday Derrick threw the HOH comp to Frankie so he could be HOH and get a picture of his grandfather. A kind gesture to his friend and Derrick stated that there were other things that mattered more than HOH in this game.

Today, Derrick found out how it feels to find out that you lose a loved one while in the house when he was called to the diary room and given a letter stating that his grandfather also passed away this morning while he was playing Big Brother.

He left the diary room visibly upset and crying to shock, sadness, and condolences from his fellow houseguests who were saddened at the thought that another of their friend and fellow houseguest lost a loved one and could not be with their family at this sad time.

Derrick stated that he left a video message to be read at the funeral and he also chose per the family request to stay and keep playing the Big Brother game.

"It is what it is but timing is just terrible. They had me record a message that they will play at the funeral. I just feel so bad for my dad. He has such huge heart. And, I know he's a wreck right now. I am sad."

Derrick also stated that;

"This all puts into perspective what we are missing while in this house. I can not even have a cookie."

Derrick is on slop this week because he is a have not, ironically because he gave Frankie the HOH spot.

All of the houseguests are just sitting quietly in the living room with Derrick, thinking, reflecting, and crying.

While Big Brother is a game where you lie, cheat, and back stab your "friends", times like this just show that in the house you also come to love, and care for your fellow houseguests and can put the game aside even if for a moment to rally together in support for the houseguests who needs it the most.

We offer Derrick and his family our deepest condolences.

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