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Second Baltimore cop held down dog while first cop slashed the dog's throat

BotSh officers are accused of handling the dog roughly. Schmidt is alleged to have held Nala down while another officer slashed the dog's neck.
Baltimore Police Department photo

A 24-year-veteran Baltimore police officer was charged, arrested, and released Thursday on a $75,000 bond for holding down a seven-year-old Sharpei dog while another officer slashed the dog's throat killing the animal reported

Thomas Schmidt, 52, of Abingdon, allegedly held the dog named Nala down while Officer Jeffrey Bolger killed her. Schmidt has been charged with animal cruelty and malfeasance (the commission of a wrongful and unlawful act, misconduct).

Schmidt has been suspended with pay since June 18. The Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office continues their investigation of the June 14 incident. The Sharpei belonged to Sarah Gossard and had unexpectedly escaped from her home. Sarah is devastated after the loss of her dog and continues on a mission to make sure someone is held accountable for the death of her dog:

"I don't want him to have his job. I don't want him to be able to go on calls and act like that to a person, or to a dog. That's not OK. It's not OK."

On June 14, the officers had responded to a call reporting a pregnant woman had been bitten on the hand by a dog. In all reality, the bite victim defended the dog, and told authorities she had been trying to read the name on the frightened dog's collar when she spotted Nala walking down the street and appearing to have been lost.

An eyewitness stated the dog had been under control and showed no signs of aggression when undue and inhumane force was used on her and then Nala was held down and killed.

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Neighbors are in disbelief that Schmidt would ever intentionally be involved in killing an innocent dog; the family has a black Labrador retriever in their backyard.

A July 28 trial is scheduled.

Officer Jeffrey Bolger remains suspended from duty. Bolger has been charged with animal cruelty, however he was not required to post bond.

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