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Second Amendment Training For Everyone: 30 - 10 Pistol Training

Anyone who has been following either the Fort Worth Martial Arts or the Libertarian Examiner Columns knows that this writer thoroughly enjoys the Constitutional Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms. I find that this is a fundamental right to all Americans for Self Defense not only against thugs, but also tyrannical government as it was intended by our nation’s founders. As the world changes and transitions closer and closer to a dystopian nightmare that we surely seem to be headed for and with the impending economic doom that could strike at any moment this right seems more important than ever. Flash mobs, thieves, rapists, addicts and desperate people are becoming more and more prevalent even in the “Safe haven” of Suburbia. The Urban Creep or mass urbanization of America is at an all time high and with it comes increased levels of violent crime in areas not traditionally prevalent with violent crime.

30 days to achieve the level of the Top 10 Percent of Shooter
Chris Graham, 30 - 10 Pistol Training

Even as in the most recent years we have seen a decline in overall crime as gun sales have sky rocketed under the threat of a tyrannical president and the fear of the return of the “Assault Weapons Ban”; the threat is still there. As a martial artist, former soldier and Security Specialist, I see the clear value in citizens learning martial arts to protect themselves but I also am a strong advocate in the justifiable use of a personal firearm for self protection. (See an article on Texas Penal code in relation to Self Defense) For example even with my decades of martial arts and combatives training, I am a relatively small man compared to most and in a situation where I may face a physically superior and larger threat or multiple threats; martial arts may just not be enough to remedy the situation. There are two very important things come into play that O’ Sensei at the local dojo doesn’t normally want his students to know because it’s bad for business.

Size Does Matter

All the garbage out there that size doesn't matter and the stories of a much smaller person dominating a much larger one have disillusioned many that martial arts alone is the answer to self defense. Just YouTube Reality Based Combatives and there you will see some self proclaimed Guru at his local training center giving his best Krav Maga demonstration against 15 attackers. It’s canned! Are there cases where a smaller person has successfully defended themselves against a much larger enemy or an enemy who is superior in numbers? Yes, of course; however these are the exceptions, not the norm. Size matters in a fight. A larger person is harder to deal with in a clinch, they are generally more powerful and because they have more mass they can hit harder. Let’s just hope a much heavier person doesn’t pin you to the ground and you are not a world class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Wrestling Expert. Of course size matters, it’s not everything; but it matters. Size is always a factor from weight to reach it’s a factor.

Numbers Count

I love Hollywood, where the hero can battle endless numbers of enemies and never get hurt. The reality is being in a multiple attacker situation is no fun. You will get hit and you will probably get hit from all angles simultaneously. There comes a point in some cases where the only way you are getting out of that type of situation is to have superior cardio, strength, the ability to take a hit and just plain old mental toughness. The problem is even though most of us just don’t want to admit it, we may not have what it takes to get through a situation where it’s three on one, five on one or even more. We are after all only human.

No Debate

As far as this writer sees it there is no debate as to whether a firearm is the best solution to a self defense scenario facing a more physically opposing adversary or multiple attackers. It is the best solution. You may not only have to protect yourself but you may be charged with being the protector of a loved one, wife, small child or even an innocent third party. Sometimes a firearm is the most efficient and humane solution to self defense in limiting collateral damage and prolonged excessive physical force. This writer does however strongly advocate that anyone who chooses to add firearms to their repertoire for self protection; seeks to best their proficiency with the weapon. There are plenty of training courses out there that range from basic safe handling to advanced tactics. With the power of a firearm also comes great responsibility.

Dry Fire Training as an Option

As many have read my previous review on the Lazer Range Dry Fire Training System; this writer is a strong advocate, of the implementation of dry fire training to not only develop more proficient and safe firearms handling skills; but marksmanship as well. As a former US Army Special Forces Weapons Sergeant and as a Close Protection Specialist, Firearms Instructor and Range Master, I have trained thousands of people. I have seen people that went from firearms hazard to impressive shooter in a very short period of time just doing Dry Fire drills. This brings me to Chris Graham and his 30 – 10 Pistol Training.

Chris Graham’s 30-10 Pistol Training

Who is Chris Graham and what is 30-10? Chris is an associate of mine whom; this writer has known for several years and have worked with on various consulting projects for the government. Chris is a former Force Recon Marine and is a Firearms Instructor and Range Master who has worked on several top US government projects concerning security on a Diplomatic level. He is also the Editor of The Counter Terrorist Magazine and Tactics and Preparedness. With that said the guy is well experienced; and CAN SHOOT! He has developed a training program similar to that used by top US Government Firearms Instructors and Top Level Competitive Shooters, to increase firearms proficiency and marksmanship for the average shooter over a period of 30 days; to the level of the Top 10 Percent of Shooters. He calls this program the “30 – 10”program.

Far more important than the volume of dry fire though is the very deliberate sequential progression he has created, focusing on just a couple of new skills each session, cumulatively building to "unconscious competence" of some of the most complex tactical shooting skills such as engaging moving targets from concealed draw with adrenaline pumping, sweat flowing and an your heart rate pounding. Students love his clever drills and are amazed at the results at the end of 30 days.

Safe and Affordable

Because Chris uses the top level competitive shooter’s method of Dry Fire practice to develop marksmanship fundamentals; no ammunition is needed. This makes it one of the most safe and affordable methods of training out there. Shooters can use their own firearms and train anywhere they like. The program consists of 30 training sessions with written instructions, photos, and videos to study and practice with in the comfort of your home. 30 – 10, boasts of only fifteen minutes a day for 30 days to get into top shooting form. As a firearms instructor who has used similar methods of training to develop shooter skills for both myself and trainees, I can attest to the effectiveness of dry fire training in time periods far less than 30 days. Chris' concept is to master every skill possible dry and only later go live after the micro-details of these skills are already conditioned to perfection. Using his program which is accessible via the internet at; virtually anyone can attain top notch professional training anywhere they get internet. To be honest most people just couldn’t afford an instructor of Chris’s caliber for personal training. That’s why men in his profession are almost exclusively employed as government contractors or for private security corporations.

The 30 – 10 Home Page

Time to cover some things you can expect on the 30-10 home page. The graphics are great. They are very modern and what you would expect from a top professional. There are lots of tabs that take you to different areas on the site. One of the tabs will bring you to the subscription page for FREE access to the conclusion of the program and a newsletter subscription. Free is good and coming from the guy who brings you the Counter Terrorist and Tactics and Procedures, he has lost of access to lots of great information. There is a reference page where the reader can review Mr. Graham’s references. This writer has posted his own reference on the page. There is a tab that will take you to a page of several Training Reviews written by Mr. Graham himself from The Counter Terrorist Magazine.

Of course there is a tab that will take you to the option to buy; but perhaps the most impressive thing on the entire site which one can access for free is Mr. Graham putting his money where his mouth is. There is a video on the home page where Mr. Graham is firing his Glock 17 at a steel plate from a distance of 200 yards and achieves a first round hit. Not many people are willing to demonstrate their skills in the way that they are demonstrated in that video. This writer knows firsthand that the shot was real because he was there.

In conclusion I would like to leave you the reader with yet another option to develop your overall skills in the combat arts which include firearms proficiency and also to exercise your right as a US Citizen under the second amendment of the Constitution. I personally recommend Mr. Graham’s program because it is unique. There are lots of firearms Instructors across the web pushing their method but few if any are sharing the little gem of a secret that Mr. Graham shares. Many top shooters hone their abilities through dry fire; but few actually share their method to greatness. This is truly a case of sharing the wealth. In this case Mr. Graham shares the wealth of knowledge that makes good shooters great. Check him out at or go to This Link at the 30 -10 site. Remember to sign up for his Free News Letter filled with lots of great information here. Till next time; and don’t forget to Subscribe to this column for more free articles.

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