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Second Amendment alive and well

gun Show
gun Show

I had an amazing reaffirmation on the way to a gun show in Houston recently.

Houston has a gun show on most weekends at one of several regular locations of which two locations seem to be the most popular. Reliant Center and GRB (George R. Brown Convention Center) are the two that seem to draw the biggest attendance and most vendors.

But yesterday I noticed something that stood out as a clear sign the Second Amendment is not only alive and well but strong in its resolve to prevail. I had something like ten miles to drive to get to the GRB which was hosting this week’s gun show. In that short drive of which nearly all was via freeway I took notice of four emergency traffic signs that are lit up and spanning over the freeway. Normally these signs are to alert drivers to accidents or traffic delays for whatever reason. They are also frequently used for Amber Alerts for missing persons.

But today they were use to not only advertise the Gun Show but also to give directions. The first one said, “Gun show GRB Take 288 North To 59 North.” The last one as I got close said, “Gun Show GRB Take Polk exit.” From there my thoughts went to who owns these signs? Logic would say since they are suspended over freeways and are purposed for public information that we the tax payers own these signs. With that being said then we can reasonably conclude that those we pay to represent us are pro gun because someone in our employ made the decision to advertise and direct people to the gun show. The other possibility is someone paid for use of public signage. I’m not sure exactly what the case is but the results are unquestionable, tax dollars paid for the signs thus tax dollars support the Second Amendment which is perfectly fine by me personally, but on a larger scale of how our public assets are used there may be a questionable issue. What if the public signs were advertising and directing for an abortion clinic?

I applaud the NRA for using the power of lobbying to buy influence. The power of lobbying is a two sided sword. It can be use for good just as well as it can be used for bad. It is up to us to decide though intellectual awareness if the influence is for a public asset or a public liability.

The moral to my observation is, we Americans, (all of us) lobby with our spending. If we spend our money with NRA we are enabling them to lobby in defense of the second amendment with the money we give them. On the flip side of the coin every time we watch Main Stream Media, movies, or prime time TV we are also supporting lobbies that have their agendas. We vote with our dollars so we need to spend them wisely to be assured we are not contributing to problems in our society by helping finance entities that have core beliefs different than ours. FYI many in Congress and Senate are invested in arms and defense, this might shed some light on how they vote because it is them that benefit by sales of arms, ammo, and wars that boost sales in both.

We own this place and everything that is happening is happening with dollars we give to entities via our spending. So many Americans complain about the state of our union while at the same time enabling those who wish to harm us by buy their goods and services. That makes many of us the part of the problem instead of part of the solution. It is in our national interest that we pay attention to whom we spend our money with and do business with. The issue of the Second Amendment is much bigger than gun control, it is about control in general and if we are OK with giving up one right then there are those who will try to take all the rest also. Let’s not open that door and be more mindful of where we spend our money.

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