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SEC football is not the definition of college sports, despite what some in Alabama think

Sports: There are more than just one.
Sports: There are more than just one.
Stephen Edmonds - Flickr / Creative Commons


  • Creoleman 6 years ago

    You forgot Alabama State and Alabama A&M. I think they also play at the same level as U.A.B., Troy St., Jax St. and those like that.

  • BlazerMc 6 years ago

    They are on there. They play at the same level except in football. They are not eligible to go to bowl games. Only Alabama, Auburn, UAB, Troy, and eventually, South Alabama in 2013 participate in FBS.

  • Seabass 6 years ago

    there is only one university in this state and it rests in the heart of tuscaloosa Roll Tide Roll! Hail Saban! and as always in the name of the Bear, the Saban. and the Crimson Tide, Roll Tide!
    haha sorry buddy i had to

  • Creoleman 6 years ago

    He corrected it, BlazerMc. Also, are volleyball and soccer are profitable. I'd be shocked if they are.

  • GlennMc 6 years ago

    Great article, very interesting and informative.

  • blazrebounder 6 years ago

    Being creoleman, shouldn't you be a fan of LSU. I don't get bama from creole.

  • Creoleman 6 years ago

    Wash your mouth out, blazrebounder! Lifetime Tulane fan here.

  • Tony 6 years ago

    Zach. I agree with you. You are very good at reporting and have a very excellent way of entertaining the reader. WooHoo!
    Asteroids rule! Seabass?

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